Amazing children


In this school holiday – June-July, my six and half (6.5) year daughter, named Haura, has proposed to make a small competition amongst her friends. It is sound a brilliant idea. The proposal was approved by her mam and supported by her dad. During the long holiday, my daughter spent almost all her daytime with her friends playing games or simulations.

On the 3rd July, my daughter woke up at 5.30 central Indonesia time (CIT). She was very enthusiastic and much easier woke up than normal day. After Subuh (dawn) praying, she took a shower though the water temperature was very cold. Then she dressed-up with a bit special dress. The clock showed the time 7.00 CIT but no one of her friends appeared. She was looking outside whether some of her friends ware coming.

At 7.30 almost all her friends were coming. Thereafter the game was starting. There were 5 kid games: cracker eat, marble run, stone and basket, pencil for bottle, and group run. For each, Ummi (Haura’s mother) prepared 3 prizes consist of books, pens, pencil sharpeners, rulers, pencil boxes, and erasers. All the prizes were divided into 5 groups corresponding to the games played. Each group has three different categories for the first, second, and third winner.

On the playground which was used the avenue, all Haura’s friends played the game sportively. When one was on the game, the others supported him by yelling his/her name loudly. The most interesting game was cracker eat. The crackers were hanging on plastic ropes adjustable to the height of participants. One tended to grab the cracker while they were eating. This caused vibration to the other crackers which improved difficulties for the others. Lomba makan kerupukSome participants have low talent to win the championship. They frequently apologized of what they cannot achieve. Nevertheless, there are also ambition participants. The most difficult game was throwing five stones to a small basket from the distance of 2 meters. No one succeeded the game. I have tested the game and concluded that it is not suitable for children under 10 years.

Kid world is very interesting. They are innocent, pure, no tendency, nor seeing another materialistically. God creates the human perfectly and most sophisticated. We can see this by observing the children world. Human themselves degrades their quality. Only limited people are able to preserve their quality. Educate children with love, justice, sympathy, empathy will grow them on the quality deserved by humankind.



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